Introduction To Me

Thanks for choosing to check out my blog! My name is Charity and this is my first blog post ever! I am very excited to begin this journey, and for you to follow along with me.

One of my resolutions for 2021 is to write more. I journal a lot. And I am constantly writing down my goals and the big milestones on the way to those goals. But I don’t have anything for the world to see. This blog serves two purposes; a place to document my life, my crafts, and how I did them for you to see, and a place for me to practice writing.

Practicing is important. I always want to strive to be better than I was a minute ago, a day ago, a week ago. And that’s important. Another goal for me in 2021 is to break into the world of technical writing. I graduated in May of 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in professional writing, but I have yet to embark on the journey into my field. Practice will only make me better for the day I find my home in writing.

Not much is as satisfying as completing a project, either written or crafted. Crafting is something else that brings me joy. It is fun, satisying, frustrating, and amazing all at the same time. I love completing a project and seeing the end result. It is always the highlight of my day.

My hope is that this blog will be able to teach you something that will bring you as much joy as it brings me. It is always more fun to celebrate an accoplishment with someone who is going to appreciate it as much or more than you do. I can’t wait to share my joy with you, and I hope I get to see some of yours in return!

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